The 1-5 win of Ajax against Sporting Portugal is causing a lot of euphoria, but not for Erik ten Hag. Ten Hag was happy, but he remains critical.

“It wasn’t a masterclass. The team has produced some great football and it is very special, but there were also some lessons to be learned from this match”, states Ten Hag at Ajax TV.

“We have a good mix of experience and young talents, and especially those talents have to learn a couple of things. In particular, that in the Champions League, you can’t lose focus”, the coach continued. Ten Hag didn’t mention the mistake from Remco Pasveer, but obviously he wasn’t too happy about that either.

In the end, Ten Hag still wants to mention how happy he is with Ajax’s performance. “You don’t want to come across as extremely critical, but it is better to be critical when you win with 1-5, than when you lose or draw. Let’s conclude that we played some amazing football.”