Naci Ünüvar is really happy he got to play with Hakim Ziyech, as he really learned a lot from him. Especially during the visit in Qatar. “When I went to Qatar with the first team, he helped me a lot. It’s great when a big player like Hakim helps you on your first days. He literally helped me with everything, on and off the pitch. He inspires me, not only as a player. I hope to be as good as him in the future, so I can do the same to young players.”(FunX)

“Hakim has always been one of my favourite players, at Heerenveen, Twente and Ajax in the end. When I was 14 and playing the Future Cup, he said he couldn’t believe I was only 14. He always praised me and eventually followed me on Instagram. We became friends.”


Not only Ziyech, but also Nouri was one of the players Ünüvar looked up to: “When I started in the youth academy here, he was already way up. He showed us some amazing things on the pitch, but I looked at him as a person as well. Always sweet and helpful. What happened after, I don’t really like talking about..”

“At the end of the season, the talent of the year is chosen. It’s called the Abdelhak Nouri trophy now, and his father and brother visited as well. To get that trophy, handed to you by Nouri’s father, is really special. It got even better when he told me Abdelhak wa a fan of mine and he would be proud, it really hit me.”